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# Changelog
## v6.1.0-rc.1
## v6.1.0
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* Views use a *Session ID* generated by the web browser instead of using the request IP (former behavior can be restored in YAML config)
* The goal of this change is to get closer to how other video platforms like Mux, Vimeo, or Instagram work
* Compact ActivityPub JSON-LD objects before using them to prevent incorrect access control @tesaguri
* Protect ActivityPub information related to private/internal/blocked videos
### Admin config (non-exhaustive)
* **Breaking changes**:
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* Fix view endpoint crash on geoip update failure
* Fix setting video subtitle from URL query
* Fix selecting "Display all languages/categories/licences" in videos search resulting in an empty search
* Fix followers/following counter of local ActivityPub actors
* Fix notification button link on mobile
* Fix player subtitles on iOS
## v6.0.4