A collection of awesome things regarding the gemini protocol ecosystem.
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Awesome Gemini Awesome

A collection of awesome things regarding the gemini protocol ecosystem.

Please contribute to this list to link to all the awesome gemini projects out there.

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What is Gemini

Excerpt from geminiprotocol.net:

Gemini is a group of technologies similar to the ones that lie behind your familiar web browser. Using Gemini, you can explore an online collection of written documents which can link to other written documents. The main difference is that Gemini approaches this task with a strong philosophy of "keep it simple" and "less is enough". This allows Gemini to simply sidestep, rather than try and probably fail to solve, many of the problems plaguing the modern web, which just seem to get worse and worse no matter how many browser add-ons or well meaning regulations get thrown at them.

Gemini Specification




  • Amfora (Go) - "fancy" terminal client. In maintenance mode.
  • astro (Shell) - terminal client using less written in POSIX shell script.
  • astronaut (Go) - a gemini browser for the terminal
  • Asuka (Rust) - an NCurses-based Gemini client.
  • AV-98 (Python) - Gemini client derived from the popular VF-1 Gopher client.
  • AV-98-fork - A fork of AV-98.
  • bollux (Bash) - bash Gemini client.
  • bombadillo (Go) - combined Gopher, Gemini, Finger, and File client with vim-inspired key mappings.
  • cgmnlm (C) - colorful gemini line-mode client, fork of gmni.
  • diohsc (Haskell) - simple line-based command-response terminal user interface with ANSI colour.
  • Elpher (Emacs) - combined Gopher and Gemini client for the popular text editor / operating system.
  • gelim (Go) - A minimalist line-mode smolnet client written in go.
  • gem.awk (Awk) - minimal but usable interactive Gemini client in < 250 LOC of Awk.
  • gembro (Go) - gemini client using Bubble Tea.
  • Gemcurses (C) - A Gemini client, written in C using ncurses.
  • gemini-demo-1 (Python) - minimal but usable interactive Gemini client in < 100 LOC of Python 3.
  • gemini-demo-2 (Lua) - minimal but usable interactive Gemini client in < 100 LOC of Lua.
  • gemini-demo-3 (Go) - minimal but usable interactive Gemini client in not quite < 100 LOC of Go.
  • gemini-fetch (Node.js) - cURL-like CLI for loading content from Gemini URLs.
  • gemivim (Vim) - simple VIM plugin for browsing Gemini pages
  • gmi (Shell) - Tiny Gemini browser written in POSIX-compliant shell. Highly hackable, portable shell script under 200 lines.
  • gmi100 (C) - CLI Gemini client written in 100 lines of ANSI C.
  • gmni (C) - CLI utility (like curl) and line-mode browser.
  • gplaces (C) - command-driven, terminal based Gemini client in ~1K LOC of C.
  • Gremlin (Rust) - TUI for browsing Gemini space
  • leo (Python) - lightweight, prompt-driven Gemini client.
  • min (Go) - supports advanced features like input and client certificate generation.
  • ncgopher (Rust) - gopher and gemini client for the modern internet.
  • Offpunk (Python) - Gemini, gopher, spartan and http/html offline-first browser.
  • Romulus (C#) - interactive TUI client with menus and mouse support
  • Scroll-Term (Go) - Gemini, Nex, and Scroll terminal client with audio streaming support.
  • Telescope (C) - w3m-inspired, multi-protocol client that supports Gemini, Gopher and Finger
  • tinmop (Common Lisp) - opinionated Mastodon and Gemini client
  • tgmi (python) - full-featured CLI terminal-based Gemini client
  • vimini (Rust) - Desktop gemini browser inspired by qutebrowser and Vim.



  • Agregore - (Electron.js) - peer to peer web browser with support for loading Gemini pages.
  • Alrisha (QML) - QML-based Gemini client.
  • Castor (Rust) - graphical Gemini client using GTK.
  • Eva (Rust) - a Gemini protocol browser in Gtk4
  • Fafi (Racket) - graphical Gemini browser written in Racket.
  • Fossil (Vala) - GTK3 Gemini browser written in Vala for desktop and mobile.
  • Galacteek (Python) - Browser for the distributed web, with support for Gemini and IPFS.
  • Gemalaya (Python/QML) - Keyboard-driven Gemini browser with builtin web-to-gemini proxy
  • Gerbil (Python) - Gemini and Spartan browser written in python with GTK and LibHandy for desktop and mobile
  • Lagrange (C) - desktop GUI client with inline image viewing, multiple tabs, bookmarks and more.
  • Molasses (Racket) - full-featured graphical Gopher and Gemini client with tabs.
  • Moonlander (Rust) - the fanciest Gemini client in the entire solar system.
  • Kristall (C++) - graphical Gopher and Gemini client using QT.
  • spacewar (Electron.js) - EXPERIMENTAL and UNSTABLE Gemini browser running on Electron.
  • Geopard (Rust) - A colorful, adaptive gemini browser.


  • Buran (Kotlin/Java) - Gemini browser for Android, fork of Ariane.
  • Deedum (Dart) - an Android and iOS client made with Flutter.
  • Elaho (Swift) - full featured Gemini protocol browser for iOS.
  • Gem (Python) - Gemini client for Ubuntu Touch.
  • Xenia (Java) - Gemini proxy for Android.
  • Phaedra (Java) - Gemini client for Android supporting even very old ones; author recommends using Ariana if a current Android is at hand.
  • Rosy Crow (C#) - An Android client built using .NET MAUI.


  • GemiNaut (C#) - user friendly graphical Gemini client for MS Windows.


  • Jimmy (SwiftUI) - a lightweight native Gemini client for MacOS



  • Agunua (Python) - Gemini library to write clients. Includes IRI support, gemtext parsing and CLI tool.
  • derhuerst/gemini (Node.js) - server & client lib.
  • a-h/gemini (Go) - Applications and libraries for building applications on Gemini.
  • cuipod (C#) - Simple yet flexible framework for Gemini protocol server.
  • gemclient (Nim) - rich client library for the Gemini Protocol.
  • gemini (Go) - Server side Gemini protocol + Titan protocol implementation that matches standard GO http API.
  • gig (Go) - Gemini framework.
  • gmir (Go) - A reader for gmi files
  • go-gemini (Go) - library that provides an easy interface to create client and servers.
  • go-gemini (Go) - more recent fork of the library above.
  • gusmobile (Python) - gemini client for Pyhton (used by geminispace.info)
  • html2gemini (Go) - package library to convert HTML to Gemini (see also html2gmi for command line application)
  • ignition (Python) - Gemini client transport/request library for python3.
  • kaksik (Deno/TypeScript) - middleware library for building server applications.
  • ruby-net-text (Ruby) - Gemini support in Net::* and URI::* stack.
  • SmolNetSharp (C#) - cross platform .NET (core/framework) client library for building Gemini and Gopher clients
  • warmuuh/jemini(Java) - reactive gemini-client, part of jemini-project
  • geminic (Erlang) - An Erlang library for building Gemini protocol clients.
  • dremini (C++) - Highly concurrent C++ Gemini server and client library
  • Opal (C#) - Gemini client library targeting .NET Standard 2.0. Built-in support for TOFU and client certificates.
  • gemax (Go) - a golang gemini stack, inspired by go STD http library.
  • GemPub Specification - Gempub, the Gemini e-book (and capsule archive) container specification.
  • Gemini TinyLog Specification - A Tinylog is a simple file with all "microblog" style entries to share small contents and interact with other geminauts' tinylog.
  • Adding Emoji Favicons to Gemini - Optional extension by Michael Lazar to the Gemini Protocol, with the goal to set a Unicode emoji as favicon for a site.



  • Agate (Rust) - simple Gemini server for static files.
  • aiogemini (Python) - minimalist Python 3 asyncio server.
  • Apogee (Kotlin) - Gemini server written in Kotlin for the JVM.
  • atlas (C#) - .NET7 Gemini/Titan/Spartan server w/ vhost and cgi support.
  • a-h/gemini (Go) - Server for Linux, Mac, Raspberry Pi. Supports SNI for multiple domains on the same server, has Docker image.
  • blizanci (Erlang) - server designed primarily for robustness and security.
  • Denoscuri (Typescript) - simple Gemini server written using Deno and Typescript.
  • Dʒɛmɪni (Racket) - server with features like SNI and CGI.
  • Diamant (Ruby) - simple Gemini server for static files.
  • Doppio (Java) - single-JAR Gemini server with CGI, authentication, and Atom feed support.
  • Duckling proxy 🦆 (Go) - scheme-specific filtering proxy for Gemini clients to access the web.
  • Earl Server (Kotlin) - Gemini fileserver for the JVM.
  • Enceladus (F#) - A simple Gemini protocol server implementation in .NET Core and F#.
  • Ergol (PHP) - light Gemini server able to host several capsules with different cerificates.
  • GeGoBi (Python) - server to facilitate easy Gemini-Gopher bi-hosting.
  • Gemeaux (Python) - server using only the Python standard library.
  • gemini-ipfs-gateway (Go) - an IPFS Gateway that makes IPFS content available over the Gemini protocol.
  • gemini-server (Haskell) - lightweight server for the Gemini protocol.
  • geminid (C) - Gemini Server in C.
  • geminid (Scheme) - Gemini Server in CHICKEN Scheme.
  • gemini-php (PHP) - simple Gemini server in PHP.
  • Gneto (Go) - Gemini over HTTP proxy, with support for client certificates and CSS customization.
  • JAGS-php (PHP) - fork of gemini-php with support of dynamic pages.
  • jsonresume-gemini (PHP) - single purpose server implementation of the Gemini protocol to serve up your JSON Resume.
  • geminim (Nim) - an async lightweight Gemini server made in Nim.
  • gmid (C) - simple and secure Gemini server.
  • gmifs (Go) - Gemini file server with auto indexing support, caching and auto TLS key pair creation.
  • gmnd (Python) - packaged Gemini server with support for CGI and indexing
  • gmnisrv (C) - high-performance Gemini server for POSIX systems.
  • Gemserv (Rust) - server with features like vhosts, CGI, SCGI, reverse-proxying and more.
  • Germinal (Common Lisp) - serves any type of document with an appropriate mime type.
  • GLV-1.12556 (Lua) - the first Gemini protocol server with a lot of features.
  • Hydepark (Rust) - discussion forum application for Gemini.
  • Jetforce (Python) - built-in static file server with support for gemini directories and CGI scripts.
  • jemini(Java) - dual gemini/http server on top of jetty with spring-boot integration
  • laika (Rust) - async Gemini protocol server.
  • levior (Python) - HTTP to Gemini gateway, allowing you to browse regular websites with any Gemini client
  • Loxy (C#) - Gemini to HTTP proxy, exposes any capsule to the web as stylable HTML (based on the Opal library).
  • Lupa Pona (Perl) - simple single directory Gemini server.
  • Maple (C++) - A very simple static Gemini server, now with Titan support!
  • Marami (Prolog) - server written in Prolog.
  • Molly Brown (Go) - full-featured Gemini server implemented in Go.
  • MoonGem (C) - gemini server with inline Lua scripting for dynamic content generation.
  • net-gemini (Go) - gemini server inspired by Molly Brown.
  • northstar (Rust) - gemini server implementation.
  • Orbit (PHP) - Gemini server implemented in PHP.
  • Phoebe (Perl) - Gemini/web wiki.
  • pollux (Rust) - simple server that will only serve one index.gemini file.
  • rc-gemd (Shell) - simple Gemini server written in rc (for plan9 operating systems).
  • Satellite (Go) - small Gemini server for serving static files.
  • Shavit (Go) - configurable Gemini server for UNIX operating systems.
  • Smolver (Swift) - a small Gemini server.
  • Space-Age (Clojure) - Gemini server written in Clojure.
  • Taurus(Rust) - A Concurrent Gemini Server.
  • Titan (Rust) - simple TOML-configured Gemini server and an Express-like Gemini server framework.
  • twins (Go) - YAML-configured Gemini server supporting vhosts, FastCGI and reverse-proxying.
  • vger (C) - Gemini server written in C used with inetd.
  • Windmark (Rust) - An elegant and highly performant async Gemini server framework
  • SpaceBeans (Scala) - supports virtual hosting, user directories, classic CGI.
  • StaticGeminiServer (Codeberg) (Ruby) - a simple more or less stable gemini server for static files
  • kepler - simple gemini server in rust
  • Mehari - Featureful server in OCaml
  • β-Doku (PHP) - DokuWiki Satellite for Gemini Protocol
  • KevaChat (PHP) - client/server Chat in Blockchain
  • gemini-server-clj (Clojure) - simple gemini server for serving static files


  • gemini://warmedal.se/~antenna/ - Geminispace aggregator
  • gemini://flounder.online (https version) - host small Gemini web pages over https and Gemini (repo).
  • gemini://geminispace.info - public search provider for Gemini (repo).
  • gemini://geddit.glv.one - interactive link service (with comments).
  • gemini://glv.one - free platform as a service (PaaS) that runs any Gemini server (packaged as a Docker image) in the cloud.
  • gemini://gemini.omarpolo.com/cgi/gempkg/ - interface for the OpenBSD ports collection.
  • gemini://gemplex.space/ - experimental Search Engine for Gemini written in Go
  • gemini://kennedy.gemi.dev/ - public search provider for Gemini
  • gemini://tictactoe.lanterne.chilliet.eu - Tic Tac Toe game (repo).
  • gemini://tilde.cafe/~spellbinding/game/cgi? - make words with specified letters
  • gemini://tilde.cafe/~spellbinding/wordo/cgi? - a wordle-like game
  • gemini://tilde.cafe/~spellbinding/wall/cgi - A public wall where you can leave a message
  • gemini://ur.gs/ - translate from en->es and es->en (repo).
  • gemini://rawtext.club/~sloum/geminews/ - Daily news feeds proxied to gemini.
  • gemini://rawtext.club/~sloum/cgi/othello/ - Play othello/reversi against a computer opponent over gemini.
  • gemini://rawtext.club/~sloum/cgi/weather - US weather reports by zip code.
  • gemini://tilde.cafe/~stack/weather - weather forecast powered by wttr.in
  • gemlog.blue - Gemini hosting from a web frontend.
  • gemini://houston.gmi.bacardi55.io - A simple tool to check if a capsule is up or not
  • gemini://tlgs.one - (http version) Another public search provider for Gemini(repo).
  • gemini://betahowto.duckdns.org - Yggdrasil DokuWiki Satellite (repo)
  • gemini://kevachat.duckdns.org - KevaChat clearnet node for Gemini (repo).


  • astroget (C) - Command line tool to download and upload files from Gemini, Gopher, Scorpion, and Spartan servers.
  • CAPCOM (Python) - Atom feed aggregator for gemini.
  • certified (Python) - Generate TOFU TLS certificates for gemini servers.
  • cl-yag (Common-Lisp) - Static site generator producing gemini, gopher and html.
  • comitium (C) - A feed aggregator for gemini supporting many formats and protocols.
  • gemfreely (Rust) - Synchronize gemlogs to the Fediverse via WriteFreely.
  • gemget (Go) - Command line downloader for the Gemini protocol.
  • gemini-antenna (Python) - A feed-aggregator for Gemini, triggered by submissions.
  • geminize - Firefox addon that redirects gemini:// URLs and links to a customizable HTTP-to-Gemini proxy.
  • gemlog.sh (Bash) - Utility for writing and managing gemini logs (gemlogs) and atom feeds (simple gemini static site generator/framework).
  • gem.git (Python) - git frontend CGI script.
  • gemmit (Go) - social news aggregation and web content rating website for the gemini protocol.
  • gempost (Rust) - Simple static site generator for Gemini blogs.
  • GemPress (C) - Yet another Gemini publishing framework with HTML and Atom support, written in Bash and Sugar-C.
  • gemtexter (Bash) - Site generator and blog engine for Gemini. Generates Atom and Gemfeeds , and also does Gemtext to HTML and Markdown conversion.
  • gloggery (Go) - basic static site generator for blogs in Gemini.
  • gmitohtml (Go) - proxy that renders Gemini pages using HTML.
  • gmnigit (Go) - static git gemini viewer.
  • gssg (Go) - simple gemini static site generator. Generates pages, index and atom feeds.
  • kiln (Go) - simple static site generator for Gemini sites.
  • Lupa - crawler to explore the geminispace and make statistics (you can see them at __gemini://gemini.bortzmeyer.org/software/lupa/stats.gmi ).
  • Manisha - Nagios (and compatible, such as Icinga) plugin to monitor Gemini servers.
  • spacewalk (Go) - Page-hash based feed aggregator for gemini.
  • MastoGem (Go) - Mastodon proxy for Gemini.
  • Hugo-2-Gopher-and-Gemini (Python) - A Hugo theme to convert a Hugo site to Gemini or Gopher.
  • Gopher-and-Gemini-Walker (Python) - Terminal client (without network connectivity) to navigate a folder structure containing a Gemini capsule or Gopher hole.
  • Gemini Diagnostics - A torture test for gemini servers

Gemtext converters

  • dioscuri (JS) - A Gemtext parser with interfaces to transform to and from mdast (markdown ast) and to compile to HTML.
  • gemgen (Go) - A Markdown to Gemtext generator.
  • gemini-pandoc-lua-filter (Lua) - lua filter for pandoc to output Gemini text.
  • gemini-to-html (Node.js) - JavaScript library for parsing Gemini pages, and for rendering them to HTML.
  • gemtext2latex (Python) - tool for converting Gemtext to reasonable LaTeX and thence PDF
  • gemtext2md (Rust) - tool for converting Gemtext to Markdown
  • gemtexter (Bash) - Site generator and blog engine for Gemini. Generates Atom and Gemfeeds , and also does Gemtext to HTML and Markdown conversion.
  • gmi2html (Zig) - tiny gemtext to HTML converter with a focus on performance.
  • gmi2html (Sed) - sed script to convert text/gemini to html.
  • gmi-web (JS) - generate semantic HTML styled for readability and mobile-friendliness.
  • gmnhg (Go) - renders a Hugo site to a Gemini site.
  • Html2GeminiPy (Python) - Converts Html sites to Gemini sites using markdownify and md2gemini.
  • html2gmi (Go) - command line utility to convert HTML to gemtext
  • md2gmn (Go) - renders Markdown text to Gemini pages.
  • md2gemini (Python) - converter from Markdown to the Gemini text format.
  • Hugo-2-Gopher-and-Gemini (Python) - A Hugo theme to convert a Hugo site to Gemini or Gopher.
  • gemini-php (PHP) - Composer library for Gemini - includes DokuWiki converter, file-system operations and other API
  • gemitwee (PHP) - Converts Twine's Twee2 markup to a set of Gemini files for simple choose-your-own-adventure games.

Syntax Highlighting

Web proxies


  • Fortune Teller Bot - Generates a fortune gmi file, gemlog/index.gmi, and atom.xml every time the bot is executed