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TrueCaptcha Bot

This telegram bot will help you to protect chat from automated bots. It much more better than t.me/Cyberdyne_Systems_bot, because it check that user can recognize image and choose correct emoji (or guess it with small chance).

Features of this bot:

  • mutes messages from new users and wait 5 min for solved captcha, than ban user for a day and deletes message
  • greeting user that correctly solved captcha
  • you can load new emojis and images in bot without any reloads
  • if it crashed it remembers correct answers to pending captchas and can check users if image/emoji deleted

You can use this bot in Telegram by this nick or install it on your own bot-account!


To use this bot you must make him administrator and give restrict users permission

Install your own bot

Firstly, clone this repo localy: git clone https://gitlab.com/woem/truecaptcha_bot.git && cd truecaptcha_bot Then install libraries: pip install -r requirements.txt You can use systemd for managing bot startup with my sample systemd unit file. To use it, you must change 11111111:AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA to your bot's token, and /path/to/bot/folder to folder with this bot. Than you should run systemctl daemon-reload && systemctl start truecaptcha_bot && systemctl enable truecaptcha_bot and your bot will run even after server reboots.

Adding more emojis and images

All possible emojis and images stored in /path/to/bot/folder/captcha/.

To add emoji, simple create new folder in directory /path/to/bot/folder/captcha/ with emoji symbol. Example: to add emoji of open book (📖) you must create folder /path/to/bot/folder/captcha/📖/

To add image, choose which emoji corresponds this image and save picture in folder /path/to/bot/folder/captcha/_emoji_. For the convenience of the user, use one image to only one emoji. Example: to add img_1.jpg corresponding emoji of open book (📖) you must put file to /path/to/bot/folder/captcha/📖/img_1.jpg

Security advice

You should add more emojis (and images to them) for gathering higher protection from bots (more possible options cause less guessing chance to bot)